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    14 Heol Syr Lewis, Morganstown, Cf15 8LE, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF15 8LE, United Kingdom
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    I was uploading into the gallery and for some reason it allowed me to enter 2 photo's in the gallery and then I had a problem uploading 2 more .. photo comp allowed me to repost but not the gallery?
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    I have 2 Therapy dogs, Mac and Holly. Both are rescue dogs, Mac's around 13yrs and Holly 10ish. Mac's beginning to show his age a bit, has a touch of arthritis but is still a happy dog as long as he has his food and strokes! I do warn people though that he will 'mug' them for either. Holly's got numerous lumps and bumps, had a large mammary tumour removed this year, the rest have been biopsied and are presently benign. Of the 2 dogs Holly's the more nervy, more likely to bark at something ,, given that she was badly abused .. when I first had her she was scared of men and hated any long implement be it brush, stick or cane. 6yrs down the line she's now a brilliant therapy dog and loves attention off both males and females. She often gets up on the bed of one male resident for a cuddle!
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